We offer pro bono digital services to nonprofits that support the working class and minorities in English-speaking countries.


Website redesign & expansion

Research and fundraising

Targeted campaigns

Articles, newsletters, multimedia

Social media plan & posts

General consultation


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THE homepage

We have extensive experience with Wordpress and Squarespace, copywriters, graphic designers, and a drive to optimise webpages 


The homepage must strive to leave an impression on the visitor, give them reasons to explore further, and lead them closer to a desired action (e.g. donating).  That generally involves quality content and copy.

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Content generation is the motor of any effort to attract and convert leads, giving an organisation credibility and the ability to tell stories that create lifelong supporters and clientèle.  It should be a full-time job.



Content can do for an average organisation what a top striker does for a mediocre football team.  Great content gets results.  Videos, articles, reports, infographics, podcasts or photo galleries help to draw the online crowds.

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The newsletter is a unique form of content that penetrates directly into inboxes, guaranteeing lots of views.