Women’s Project

“When migrant women rise, we all rise” Identify, prevent and stamp out sexual harassment at work.

Sexual harassment at work is a form of violence and can take many forms.
Sexual harassment is about power.
Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination, as recognised within the Equality Act 2010.

If you identify as a woman, are young, with disabilities, black or brown, from the LGBTQI community, a migrant woman and/or in precarious work, you are more likely to experience sexual harassment at work.

UVW members work in “the three key feminised sectors of London’s manual labour: cleaning, hospitality, and domestic work”,  where labour rights violations, including sexual harassment, are prevalent according to a study by LAWRS.

We work with our members to remove the barriers that prevent women and non-binary people from speaking out, reporting their abusers, and seeking support. We are fighting hard to ensure bosses have a zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment too. We do this by;

  • Offering rights training – to help UVW members, men and women, identify sexual harassment, how to report abusers and speak out
  • Seeking legal redress – we fight alongside our members in the courts and in the workplace for compensation and policy change
  • Peer to peer support – we run confidential, support groups for members
  • Counselling and psychotherapy – we refer members for therapy
  • Community events – we learn, celebrate and eat together.
  • Language barriers – we offering English language classes for all levels.

When Bella started to experience abuse and harassment at work, she decided to take action >>

THE PROJECT 2019-2021
In partnership with our sister union, IWGB and women rights organisation, LAWRS, this ROSA funded project aims to prevent and stamp out sexual harassment by:

  • Encouraging the active participation of members, that identify as women, in all union-run events
  • Building capacity, through the training women and men, to identify, prevent and deal with sexual harassment at work.
  • Supporting the empowerment of women workers to lead, represent and organise their workplaces
  • Condemning gaslighting and believing all women.


If you feel you are being harassed, victimised, bullied or discriminated at work contact us today!




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