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2 x Full Time Organisers in the Childcare Sector

UVW is looking to hire two organisers to lead a new organising drive in the private childcare sector, focusing on greenfield sites. The role will be full-time (5 days per week) and has funding from the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung until the end of 2020, with the possibility of extension of contracts pending funding. 

Interviews will take place on 28th September and successful candidates need to be available to start on 1st Oct. Applications are due by 22nd September 5pm. 

All UVW staff are paid a flat rate of £11.85 per hour.

Candidates need to be able to travel to workplaces and are able to work remotely or in the UVW offices. 

You will be provided with a work phone. 

The unionisation of childcare will focus on private day-nurseries and agencies, where low wages, poor conditions, and large chains dominate the market. This is an exciting opportunity to organise a majority un-unionised sector and will be run as part of a political-industrial strategy initiated by the Women’s Strike Assembly to change how childcare operates in the UK. UVW is a grassroots union with a strong focus on the collective direct action of its members.

The role will include:

  • Mapping and research of the childcare sector 
  • Facilitating workers active participation and decision making in UVW Childcare Sector Workers’ Group and the wider union 
  • Organising workers in and between workplaces to take collective action 
  • Support workers in negotiations 
  • Organise workshops and trainings 
  • Liaise with relevant political and community campaign groups in the child care sector to develop strategies and resources
  • Develop and maintain social media and campaign communications with a focus on worker stories  

The ideal candidate will have experience and knowledge in: 

  • Union or community organising 
  • The childcare or broader care sector 
  • Employment law in the United Kingdom 
  • Developing communication strategies including traditional and social media 
  • Developing leverage strategies and workplace campaigns 
  • Written and verbal communication skills Interested candidates should email recruitment@uvwunion.org.uk with a 2 page (max) CV and 2 page cover letter (max) outlining why you would like to undertake this role and how your experiences make you a suitable candidate.



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1230pm – 2pm

talleres de Conozca Sus Derechos

A partir del jueves 3 de diciembre UVW va lanzar una serie de talleres semanales por Zoom sobre derechos laborales en donde pueden debatir problemas en el trabajo, hacer preguntas, aprender de sus compañerxs,


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06.11.2020 /

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