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Alba is one of the longest serving members of the cleaning team at the LSE who has just been unnecssarily, unfairly and unalwfully sacked, without notice, by the LSE's new cut-throat contractor Noonan. 

Alba started as a cleaner back in 2004, and was later promoted to the position of a supervisor, and then again promoted to the position of office administrator. However, due to what she describes as discrimination on the part of management who didn't want her as Latin American woman in the office, she was demoted to the position of supervisor, the position from which she has just been sacked. 

She has been told she can work as cleaner if she wishes but she can't because she lost the skin on her hands through years of exposure to dangerous chemicals at the LSE. 

Why was she officially sacked?

The official reason given for sacking Alba was that “following a review of the Supervisor structure at the LSE, the nature of the contract, and taking into account how we can best deliver an efficient service to our client and the public...the propose the loss of 5 current supervisor roles at the LSE”

As you will note the words used to justify her sacking are typically vague and vacuous. 

In reality, of course, the only reason for sacking Alba is to try and save a bit of money off the backs of the lowest paid workers at the LSE in the belief that no-one would notice, care or do anything about it. 

In fact, Noonan was awarded the contract because they offered the LSE a discount price and the LSE didn't question, or rather didn't care, how they would make those savings which, of course, can only be made by getting fewer people to do more work leading to greater degrees of already dangerously high levels of physical and psychological stress. 

Alba's sacking is also unlawful in that there is no question that it is in breach of TUPE regulations, which Noonan have admitted that they tried to cynically evade by waiting 6 months before they went ahead with the sackings which they had been planning since even before the transfer.  

Alba's dismissal represents the inevitable consequence of the fiercely competitive, notoriously unethical and downright exploitative employment practices which have come to define the cleaning sector dominated by so-called “strategic outsourcing specialists” which the LSE chooses to hire rather than providing an in-hosue service. 

The only way to stop this attack on the cleaners is for the cleaners themselves to get organised, get unionised, get supported by staff and students and fight back. 

The good news is, that's exactly what we're doing! 

Join us for this protest which will mark not only the start of a long series of protests demanding Alba's reinstatement, but also to demand that the cleaners are treated with dignity, respect and given the same terms and conditions of employment as in-house staff.

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