Originally from Peru, Percy moved to London in 2007 and currently works as a cleaner at Kings College. In his previous workplace Percy successfully campaigned for the living wage, sick pay, dignity and respect. His courage has inspired many people at other workplaces to take the step up from complaining to campaigning.


Vice President

Originally from Ecuador, Victor came to London from Spain, where he had worked in various industries and was involved in setting up a foundation to help immigrants suffering exploitation at work. In 2016 Victor took a leading role in one of UVW’s biggest victories: striking for 58 consecutive days to win a Living Wage and the reinstatement of his colleagues at 100 Wood Street in the City of London. The discrimination and exploitation that Victor witnessed in the UK has made him determined to fight to defend workers' rights, and create a better world for future generations.


General Secretary

Originally from the UK, Petros lived in Venezuela for 3 years where he became fluent in Spanish. On his return, he met Latin American communities in London, and witnessed institutional workplace abuse of migrant workers. Petros quickly dedicated himself to fighting injustice, founding United Voices of the World. He now represents members at work and in court, co-ordinating campaigns and ensuring employers are held to account. He also co-directed the documentary Waging a Living in London. Currently, Petros is training to become a lawyer.



Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Juliana has recently returned from Central America where she worked with a women's cooperative in a marginalised barrio in Guatemala City, and also in Chiapas, México, where she was a human rights defender working to support indigenous communities whose land was threatened by rich capitalists. Juliana believes that UVW's direct and uncompromising collective fight on behalf of Latin American workers in London is the best response to the bosses' exploitation of our labour.

susanna - shame on you.jpg


Office Coordinator

Susana is originally from Ecuador, but moved to Spain after the 1998 banking crisis. When the 2008 crisis hit, she moved again, this time to London, where she worked as a cleaner in Topshop until being sacked for campaigning for a Living Wage as a UVW member. She is currently taking Topshop and Servest to court for trade union victimisation. Susana is a single mother of three children.



Daniel has been involved with UVW as a volunteer since 2015 and became Treasurer in November 2016. He works full-time for a major trade union and has a long standing interest in migrants’ rights (and an academic background in Latin American history). He was inspired by how UVW organises workers in sectors that have traditionally seen little union activity, and believes that UVW shows how exploitation endemic in London’s service sectors can be challenged by innovative and effective trade union organisation.

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Working group coordinator

Originally from Germany, Vera moved to London in 2010 continuing to be involved as a political activist on many different fronts. Being passionate about uniting people to fight injustice, Vera was instrumental in setting up UVW, and is the co-ordinator of various working groups and campaigns. Vera is currently undertaking a PhD on unpaid labour at the University of Nottingham, which is funded by the Rosa Luxemburg foundation.




Originally from Scotland, Keir moved to London in 2010 to study law at UCL, where he became involved in student activism, joining campaigns relating to tuition fees, workers' rights, social housing and the environment. He continued his activism as Education & Campaigns Officer at the UCL Student Union in 2013/14. After graduating, Keir spent 15 months travelling from Colombia to Argentina by bicycle, learning Spanish on the way. On his return, Keir was impressed by UVW's effective direct action and campaigning, and joined the team in April 2017.