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Why we need your support

UVW is a rapidly growing, member-led, campaigning trade union, which supports some of the most oppressed and unrepresented groups of predominantly migrant workers in the UK. 

So far we have operated almost entirely on a voluntary basis and have achieved extraordinary victories. To name but a few: we have won wage increases and the London Living Wage for hundreds of workers, recovered over £100,000 of stolen wages and been awarded over £100,000 in compensation for members who have been victimised, discriminated against, assaulted and dismissed. We are also the first union to win occupational sick pay for outsourced cleaners in the private sector. Most importantly, though, we have given a voice and visibility to workers that were previously invisible.

These victories have been achieved by the tireless efforts of our dedicated members and volunteers, some of whom have even given up paid work to support us. 

But now it's time to take the next step. It's time to increase our power and our reach and make sure that miserly and unscrupulous employers change their ways for good.

What we want to do

With your help we could afford to hire two part-time staff members who would be able to respond to the spike in the number of members, cases and campaigns we have seen in recent months. 

Our members pay low membership fees and are extremely resource intensive and we are therefore dependent on outside funding to continue to give these workers the support and representation they deserve. Without your help hundreds, if not thousands of workers could lose out.

Become a monthly supporter by making a suggested donation of £10 a month (or whatever you can afford).

How to become a monthly supporter

The easiest way to become a monthly supporter is to set up a monthly Direct Debit for £10 via gocardless (you need to have an email account to do this):

If you would prefer to set up payment another way, or pay less (or more!) than £10 a month, you can also use PayPal to set up a recurring payment by clicking on Donate below: 

Or you can set up a standing order yourself using the following details:

  • Co-operative Bank
  • Account title: United Voices of the World
  • Sort Code: 08-92-99
  • Account Number: 65755617
  • Please add "supporter" as a reference

If you have set up a payment via PayPal or by creating your own standing order, please let us know and provide your email address by clicking on the “Monthly Supporter” button below.  

Thank you very much!