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UVW is a members-led, campaigning trade union which empowers and fights for the most vulnerable groups of precarious (predominantly migrant) workers.

We are dedicated to resolving a fast flow of issues reported by our 1,500-strong membership, who tend to work in stressful, insecure, low-paid jobs with few rights and in poor conditions.  Campaigning and picketing outside workplaces is practically guaranteed to get results that dramatically improve their lives.

However, oppressive trade union laws make this a tedious, drawn-out, and expensive process.  And our workers usually cannot strike without at least 80% of their wages covered by the union.  If we start a campaign, we keep up the pressure until victory.

Our members pay very modest subscription fees while being highly resource-intensive, so we depend on volunteers and outside funding to help build a sustainable, powerful union that achieves ground-breaking results for the wider working class.

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