We will campaign to secure improvements in the pay, terms and conditions of our members if employers refuse to negotiate with us. As the majority of our members work in London's service sector where wages are low and levels of abuse are high most of our campaigns aim to secure the London Living Wage, sick pay, and dignity and respect at work.




meetings and Skill Sharing

We are more than a trade union, we are a community. UVW believes that together we are stronger and for that we need to share and develop our skills: 

  • Weekly English classes on Saturdays 4pm-6pm (beginners, intermediate and advanced)
  • Different workshops for example on employment law, workplace representations, benefits and health and safety training

We are always open to new ideas for workshops and classes.

Check out our events page for details and venues of everything that is happening. 


Case Work

Whilst we always consider collective solutions to the problems faced by our members, case work still plays an  integral part in the work owe do. Through talking to and meeting with employers we have won countless individual and collective cases relating to, but not limited to, unpaid wages, bullying and harassment, unlawful dismissals, and proposed redundancies.

Representing members in court 

We believe that while the law may be ludicrously skewed in the employer's favour it's still always worth fighting to the bitter end both in court and on the streets. We have an impeccable track record in Employment Tribual claims either winning at a final hearing or reaching a successful settlement for our members

Picture: celebrating having won our members' unfair dismissal claim in a final hearing at the Central London Employment Tribunal. 



We believe in the power of unity and solidarity and work closely with other grass-roots groups and trade unions. Please get in touch if you would like to combine forces.