UVW’s joint project with IWGB and LAWRS brings together grassroots union building and a participatory, rights-based approach to tackling gendered workplace issues.

Strong unions need women! Over 50% of our members are migrant women workers. When women workers improve their lot, they improve everyone’s lot! This is why our project is entitled ‘When migrant women rise, we all rise’.

Union strength comes from a united membership with a strong, clear, collective voice. To help build this unity, all members who identify as women or non-binary can attend and assist our project events.

On September 7th, we had our first communal lunch with 50 members of UVW and IWGB. On Saturday September 28th, we have another — this time, please bring a home-made dish or snacks, wear clothing suitable for self-defence training, and come with ideas for our draft manifesto!

Our first community lunch was on the 7th of September. Over empanadas, chilli and rice, whilst children played in the crèche area, we shared experiences of gender-related issues in daily life, and discussed ways to tackle these with the support of our unions. Join us for the second round on Saturday the 28th!