Executive committee role description

Role description

The UVW Executive Committee (EC) is directly elected by, and accountable to, the membership. It is responsible for looking after the interests of the union as a whole and taking decisions on behalf of UVW members between AGMs.



The composition aims to ensure that the committee is representative of the diverse membership, across all sectors and groups, including those without a formal structure.

In monitoring shifts in membership, the committee will use its discretion to ensure that it remains representative of the UVW’s membership, and will consider applications from newly formed groups.

Role of committee members:

All UVW Executive Committee members are expected to attend fortnightly committee meetings (approx. 90 mins long, currently on Tuesdays at 5.30pm) and to share tasks which may include checking the committee email, writing minutes for or chairing/facilitating meetings, attending staff meetings and staff interviews, participating in subcommittees, and encouraging cross-membership communication.

Elected committee members will nominate members of the committee to hold specific roles, including, but not limited to, the following:

Roles can be shared, where appropriate.

The committee may also nominate both EC and general members for task groups or subcommittees to work on specific areas as needed – for example there are currently sub-groups for Recruitment, Staff Liaison, Casework and Treasury.

Approved by the Executive Committee – 6 July 2021


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