If employers refuse to negotiate, we won’t hesitate to fight tooth and nail through strikes, protests, and legal challenges to win decent pay and to protect and extend the rights of our members. As well as challenging outsourcing wherever we can and demanding as a minimum that our members get the London Living Wage, full pay sick pay & manageable workloads we’ll also vigorously and relentlessly fight to ensure none of our members are unfairly disciplined, suspended or sacked and that those who are being reinstated. But most important is that our members, many of whom are black, brown and/or migrants who are undervalued and treated as if they were second-class people, get the dignity, respect and equality they deserve.


Great ormond street hospital

Last year 100s of UVW members at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), won their fight to end outsourcing. But the fight for equality is not over.


Sage nursing home

Carers and cleaners at this North London care home have said it’s about time that claps for carers were matched by dignified pay and working conditions.


ST George’s, University of London

Outsourced onto levels of pay and terms and conditions which fall far below those enjoyed by their largely white and in-housed colleagues, these security guards at St. George’s, University of London, are refusing to take racial discrimination lying down.



Cleaners at the headquarters of Channel 4 and ITV are forced to come into work when sick because their employer refuses to give them full pay sick pay. But they won’t give up until they win their fight for sick pay and equality and respect in the workplace.



Paid poverty wages, given gruelling workloads, denied full pay sick pay, and abandoned and ignored in the middle of a deadly pandemic, these cleaners have refused to be beaten. They are fighting to be made direct employees of the Ministry of Justice.



Cleaners at La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls’ School won full pay sick pay, a 24% wage increase, improvements to health and safety and much more in what was set to be the longest school cleaners strike in UK history!


VICTORY 💥 2020

Ark Globe Academy

For several months, Latin American cleaners at Ark Globe Academy had been underpaid or not paid at all. Many were in rent arrears and were being asked to risk their lives working in the midst of a pandemic whilst not having any sick pay or PPE. After walking off the job they won a string of concessions, but the fight to end outsourcing at Ark continues!

VICTORY 💥 2020


Hundreds of BAME and migrant cleaners at this world-renowned children’s hospital fought back against racial discrimination and an end to outsourcing… And won! GOSH agreed to the workers’ demands in December 2020.

VICTORY 💥 2019


They may be entrusted with the upkeep of the Queen’s parks and iconic London landmarks, such as Hyde Park, but the way these workers have been treated by French contractor VINCI Facilities is less than royal.

VICTORY 💥 2019


In a historic and groundbreaking victory, 200 cleaners, caterers, and porters, all BAME and migrant workers and outsourced to French multinational Sodexo, took on Imperial College Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and demanded to be made direct employees of the NHS and won!

VICTORY 💥 2019


Literally worked to the point of collapse and exhaustion, these outsourced University of Greenwich café workers decided enough was enough and that action was in order. They demanded full pay sick pay and an end to poverty wages and unfair workloads. After taking several days of bold strike and direct action which saw them disrupt a graduation ceremony, they won!

VICTORY 💥 2019


With their glitzy flagship store located in the heart of New Bond Street and surrounded by other big name brands, Chanel thought it could get away with paying its cleaners poverty wages and leaving them understaffed and victimising a workplace organiser, but oh how wrong they were!

VICTORY 💥 2018


This group of Peruvian workers at an Orion Recycling facility in East London were underpaid, mistreated, and had their health put in danger by a negligent and callous manager. Denied full pay sick pay and deprived of on-site showers and basic necessities, these workers finally decided enough was enough and took matters into their own hands.

VICTORY 💥 2018


Renowned for its racist and xenophobic headlines, the Daily Mail’s contempt for migrants also extended to the cleaners in its own offices who were outsourced onto poverty wages of £7.50 an hour. But when the cleaners fought back the story took a turn that this Murdoch owned paper wasn’t expecting!

VICTORY 💥 2018


In 2018, cleaners at Kensington and Chelsea Council, the UK’s wealthiest local authority, went on strike to demand the London Living Wage, full pay sick pay and an end to their poverty wages of £7.83. Through strike action, storming a council meeting, and forcing management to negotiate on the picket line, they soon won!

VICTORY 💥 2017


In a David vs Goliath battle, UVW members Freddy and Angelica, a married couple from Ecuador, took on luxury sports car dealer HR Owen and beat the odds; overcoming intimidation, unlawful dismissal, and winning the London Living Wage.

VICTORY 💥 2017


In a dispute and victory which was the first of its kind, outsourced cleaners at the London School of Economics, all of whom were BAME and primarily migrants, fought back against institutional racism and demanded to be made direct employees of the university. In what was then the biggest cleaners strike in UK history, these heroes became the first group of workers to force a British university to end the practice of outsourcing cleaners!

VICTORY 💥 2016


Topshop, part of the Arcadia Group owned by tax cheat Sir Phillip Green, had outsourced its cleaners onto poverty wages and the lowest terms and conditions legally possible. But when the cleaners began to fightback, management got a lot more than it bargained for.

VICTORY 💥 2016


Located in London’s most exclusive postcode and owned by the billionaire Qatari Royal Family, Harrods, Europe’s most upmarket department store, thought it could get away with stealing the tips from its chefs and waiters. But a series of big, brash, and bold worker-led demonstrations swiftly let management know stealing wouldn’t be tolerated.

VICTORY 💥 2016


Owned by Amancio Ortega, the richest man in Europe, and located in the heart of the City of London, and home to financial giants JP Morgan and Schroders, 100 Wood Street did not know what had hit it when UVW members embarked on the longest strike in the history of the City of London.

VICTORY 💥 2015


In the heart of well-heeled Mayfair, Sotheby’s management thought they could pull a fast one on UVW members by rowing back on commitments to the London Living Wage, reinstatements, and fair workloads. But after several weeks of demonstrations and protests the workers walked away with the London Living Wage and full pay sick pay!

VICTORY 💥 2015


UVW members at The Barbican Centre were paid poverty wages, but fought back and won not only the London Living Wage for themselves, but the entirety of the outsourced facilities staff contracted by the Barbican’s owner, the City of London.


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