cleaners at the daily mail

In 2018, migrant cleaners at the Daily Mail Group’s headquarters (housing several publications) organised for the London Living Wage, winning after threatening to strike and attracting massive support on an online petition.

Migrant cleaners at the multi-level Kensington offices of the Daily Mail Group, hailing from the Caribbean, Africa and South America, were being paid just £7.50 an hour.

Meanwhile, the editorial staff habitually churned out brazenly racist and anti-immigrant headlines, including the common refrain that migrants drive down wages for the wider working class.

This irony would have been rapidly apparent to the DMG bosses and the contractor Mitie, who employed the cleaners. And it was not lost on the 100k people who signed an online petition in support of the cleaners being paid the London Living Wage (LLW)

Instead of agreeing to their request to be paid a living wage, or to sit down and talk to UVW, the manager of Mitie threatened to sack them if they went on strike — a gross violation of their trade union and human rights.

The campaign ended in victory, with DMG trying to claim they were planning to raise pay before the cleaners demanded the LLW, among other lies. Clearly these masters of propaganda understood the inevitable bad PR of an extended conflict.