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This is most likely why you need to contact the union. We will put you in touch with a caseworker. Problems at work include issues with pay, sick pay, if you were fired unfairly, if you have a bullying boss or manager, and pretty much anything else you might need UVW’s help with at work!

Please do not fill in this form – instead send your message to

Please do not fill in this form – instead send your message to



Please note: if you wish UVW to represent you on this case, we do not allow ‘dual representation’ – that means you must agree not to take advice or seek other support from a third party, whether that is another trade union, another solicitor or legal advisor, or even family members/friends. If you are unhappy with the way we are dealing with your case you are of course free to seek other representation, but in that event we will withdraw support. Please also note it is a condition of this service that should you win an award at Tribunal or a sum of money through an ‘out of court settlement’ you agree to pay 15% of that sum to UVW. This does not apply to claims that are restricted to unpaid wages. If we agree to provide you with legal support from our legal team at a later point, we will need you to sign an ‘agreement’.

We can only help UVW members with their problems at work. If you would like to become a member, click here to join.


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