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27.11.2020 / Press releases

PRESS RELEASE: UVW Union vows to ballot cleaners to strike at world famous Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital

23.11.2020 / Press releases

Security guard seeks ‘groundbreaking’ injunction to stop his ‘unlawful’ sacking in what his union UVW describes as the first case of its kind for a low paid worker

13.11.2020 / Press releases

Security guard & union activist suspended by outsourcing firm Wilson James because of his and his union’s belief that ‘outsourcing is discriminatory’

12.11.2020 / Press releases

Major London law firm Vardags loses High Court battle to ‘gag’ former employee in ‘tacky or tarty’ dress code row

28.10.2020 / Press releases / /

Organising through Covid-19: An update from LSWU

07.10.2020 / Press releases /

Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital found in potential breach of race discrimination laws over the outsourcing of their mainly black and brown cleaners, claims union

19.08.2020 / Press releases /

Victory as UK’s ‘largest independent wholesaler of fruit and veg’ ordered to reinstate warehouse worker found to have been sacked for complaining about lack of PPE

30.07.2020 / Press releases /

Ministry of Justice’s cleaners, security guards and porters win vote for trade union recognition

27.07.2020 / Press releases /

“Stop the Met’s criminalisation of strikes” says barrister in legal challenge to Metropolitan Police

22.07.2020 / Press releases /

St. George’s security guards win full pay sick pay but vow to “fight on for full equality”

20.07.2020 / Press releases /

Cleaners win stunning victory over Ark Globe Academy in union busting scandal

17.07.2020 / Press releases /

Manager at luxury food retailer Premier Fruits caught on tape in “union busting rant” and unlawfully sacking a worker over PPE whistleblowing


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