All I want for Christmas is a feminist world!


Brainstorming ideas for a UVW 10 year anniversary banner!

30.11.2023 / Worker's Story

Let’s live in a better world by Maria Tito, UVW member

29.11.2023 / Worker's Story

No English, no union, no fear: Julia’s story

29.11.2023 /

UVW member cleaners force LSE to backdate their ‘stolen’ holiday pay


UVW union launches legal action against UK fruit farm over exploitation of seasonal Latin American workers 


Organise your UVW workplace or sector!

13.11.2023 /

UVW beats outsourcing again 

06.11.2023 /

VICTORY ON APPEAL: LSE forced to back down and reinstate sacked UVW strike leader

SATURDAYS from 4 November to 2 december

2pm -4pm

27.10.2023 /

“A transformative experience”: Disciplinary against exemplary outsourced Chanel cleaner quashed 

18.10.2023 /

Concierge, cleaners and maintenance win union recognition at luxury apartments


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