Amazon delivery drivers fight for their stolen wages

Spanish Amazon Delivery drivers victims of a migrant workers scam take bosses to court

I feel that I have not only been robbed of my salary, but also of my time, my energy, my hopes and my dignity. I don’t want this fraud to go unpunished and I don’t want this to happen to others either. This must not stay like this. We are going to go all out and if we have to go to court, we will.”

Diego Martin Baglietto, UVW member and seasonal Amazon driver

A group of workers from Spain, who were lured into the UK to work as Amazon delivery drivers and scammed out of their wages, are fighting back!


After working long hours several six-day weeks delivering Amazon packages to British households in the run up to Christmas, some drivers returned home to their families demoralisedempty-handed, and some even indebted after working for weeks without pay.

The workers were recruited in Spain over social media by Oxfordshire-based, One Motion Logistics Ltd, which provides courier services to the online giant. The company brought them over without a work visa and then submitted visa applications under the EU Settlement Scheme on the drivers behalf and once they were already in the UK. The police are making inquiries.

One Motion Logistics Ltd charged the drivers exorbitant amounts – that they docked from their wages – for administrative fees and rental and minor repairs of delivery vans. The van rental company also happens to be owned by One Motion Logistics Ltd.

The migrant workers, with the backing of their union, UVW, are now taking their former bossesOne Motion Logistics Ltd, to court.

What the workers say

They have been treated inhumanely, expelled from their accommodation on Christmas Eve, a day before their planned return flights. One Motion told some of them to sleep at the airport, others to share beds with strangers in different lodgings and at least two drivers ended up sleeping rough. 

José Manuel Elá Asángono says that not only has the company not paid him, but they claim he owes them money!

Amazon has made over $34 billion in delivery sales in the UK alone and One Motion Logistics Ltd reporting £90 million revenue across operations in the UK, Spain and Germany, all the while ripping off their couriers!


Their stolen pay in full

Compensation for the mistreatment they endured

Their visa record cleared


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