Care workers at Service to the Aged (SAGE) care home in North London have had enough risking their lives for poverty wages and poor treatment. They are say it's time for £12 per hour and parity with NHS annual leave and sick pay entitlements.



Care workers at Service to the Aged (SAGE) care home in North London have been providing high quality care to elderly residents for decades. But despite their commitment and dedication, risking their lives to come into work in the midst of a deadly pandemic, their wages and terms and conditions are hardly befitting of Key Workers.

Throughout the pandemic politicians have said many a fine word about the invaluable work of Key Workers and thousands of people have clapped for carers and NHS staff, but now these workers are demanding that those fine words and claps are matched by actions.

In an unprecedented campaign which is the first of its kind, the workers are now organising to lead a fightback in a broken sector characterised by poverty pay, poor working conditions and poor job security. They believe quality care deserves quality pay and demanding £12 per hour and parity in pay and terms and conditions of employment with NHS annual leave and sick pay entitlements.

So, if you believe that now is the time to give these heroes the £12 per hour that they deserve and that SAGE Nursing home should come to the negotiating table and recognise UVW contact us at


“Claps for carers are not enough! We need to translate that into action. We need more than applause, people call us heroes but is this how you treat heroes? With poverty wages? We have to think of our families’ futures, we’re putting our lives at risk!”

Bella, a SAGE care worker



A pay rise from £8.72 – £9.60 per hour to £12 per hour

Sick Pay

Parity in sick pay with NHS sick pay

Annual Leave

Parity in annual leave with NHS annual leave allowance


Trade union recognition for all SAGE UVW members


A paid hour’s break for nightshifts

Unsocial Hours Pay

A 15% pay enhancement for unsocial hours on Saturdays and a 20% pay enhancement for nightshifts and unsocial hours on Sundays

Gender Disparities

An immediate end to gender disparities in pay


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