Support ASIRT workers fight to save their jobs

Workers at refugee and migrant support charity, ASIRT, in Birmingham are fighting to save their jobs and a much needed service after trustees decided to close the charity down, after a request for trade union recognition was denied.

“We’re proud at ASIRT to go the extra mile to support those who often have nowhere else to turn, amid a climate of fear where migrants face barriers to support. I’d like the Chair of the Board to step down with immediate effect, and for the rest of the board to work with us as we transform ASIRT into an organisation where the service users and staff have a real say.”

Alistair Robinson, a caseworker for ASIRT and UVW member

UVW members at ASIRT provide valuable legal support to asylum seekers and people subject to immigration controls in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

In August 2022, the workers requested a voice at work. In response to their call for trade union recognition, the workers were met with alleged trade union victimisation and the news that trustees would close the charity down.

The workers want their jobs saved and ASIRT to continue to provide refugees and migrants the legal advice and support they need.

The charity is in a healthy financial position according to publicly available data from the Charity Commission. Please support these workers’ fight to save their jobs.


  • Trade union recognition

  • An end to alleged trade union victimisation


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