Six week course Digital skills training

4 may – 8 june

Improve your use of email, internet and mobile phones.

Duration: 6-week course

Course dates: Every Saturday starting on 4 May until 8 June

Time:  2pm-4pm

Location: UVW casa

This course will be run in English and is free to UVW members. 

Content of course:

•     Access emails including signing in and out safely
•     Learn how to download (and view) images and attachments/documents from websites and emails to your PC and  smartphone
•     Learn how to attach downloads to your emails.
•     Compose email messages with subject lines
•     View copies of your emails in the Sent folder
•     Reply to and forward messages
•     Manage emails using basic facilities for deleting and finding old emails and attachments
•     Copy and paste text to an email or a document
•     Use translation software, google translate or deepl to translate audio speech or text from one language to another
•     How to search for your employers’ details on google search
•     How to use Google maps to find locations and get (and share) directions

This course is run in partnership with City Lit, Europe’s largest adult education centre. Once you have successfully completed it, you will be able to do common web search tasks and send and receive emails confidently on both PC and smartphones.  

This course will be run in English and is free to UVW members. 



Sat 18 May



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