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You're now a member of one of the leading unions in the UK today for low paid, precarious and migrant workers!

As a member of UVW not only will you be supporting the rebirth of radical trade unionism in an economy full of precarious, exploitative employment but you may also benefit from:

• Representation in grievance, disciplinary and appeal hearings at work

• Help in bringing employment tribunal claims against your employer, if you have, for example, been unfairly dismissed or discriminated against, or not paid your wages in full

• Help in getting organised with your colleagues to fight and strike for dignity, respect, better pay and conditions

• Being part a strong and growing community of members and supporters who are ready to help you fight for justice

• The opportunity to enjoy social, cultural and educational events with other workers

• The opportunity to participate in regular union meetings where you can decide the direction of the union

• The right to join UVW’s executive committee

• The right to form and partake in working groups

• Advice and information on the welfare system and applying for benefits

• Weekly English classes tailored to all levels

• Trainings in employment law

We built our reputation with outsourced cleaners, and are now organising with low paid and precarious workers such as security guards, porters, architects, artists, lawyers, paralegals, charity workers, locksmiths, receptionists, waiters, baristas, chefs and strippers.

Where next? We'd like you to have a say.

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And don't forget to send a Whatsapp message with your full name to 07775 697605 so we can add you to our Broadcast lists.


The UVW team