200 Gray’s Inn Road

Cleaners at the headquarters of Channel 4 and ITV are forced to come into work when sick because their employer refuses to give them full pay sick pay. But they won’t give up until they win their fight for sick pay and equality and respect in the workplace.


Cleaners at 200 Gray’s Inn Road, a slick Norman Foster designed building home to the headquarters of broadcast giants Channel 4 and ITV, have been denied full pay sick pay. They receive the legal minimum in sick pay, known as Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), which stands at a paltry £19.17 per day with no pay for the first 3-days of illness.

This forces the workers to choose between their health or their home as taking a sick day inevitably means not keeping up with the rent or bills. But these workers are now fighting back! In October 2019 they embarked on several days of strike action, supported by UVW members from other workplaces on strike as part of a UVW ‘Autumn of Discontent’, and picketed the Channel 4 and ITV headquarters. So be sure to watch this space, because these workers aren’t going anywhere until their demands are met!


Sick pay

Full pay sick pay for all workers

Annual Leave

An extra week of annual leave


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