Mass Consultation Motion 1: Viva UVW!

  1. OBSERVING the speed and scale of UVW’s growth over the last two years and the need to ensure the union is fighting fit for the future;
  1. CONSIDERING the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic for UVW members and the urgent challenges they face, now and post-pandemic;
  1. RECOGNISING the views UVW members expressed in the mass consultation of 2020;
  1. ACKNOWLEDGING that members feel a sense of belonging towards UVW, and that they want to strengthen that shared identity and that clear collective sense of purpose;
  1. RESOLVES to adopt into UVW’s constitution the following Vision, Mission and Values:

    a) Our vision is that low paid, precarious, migrant or otherwise marginalised workers in the UK have power at work, enjoy proper pay and conditions, and are treated with dignity, equality and respect.

    b) Our mission is to achieve this by building power and solidarity in workplaces and communities through collective, legal and direct action.

    c) Our core values are:

    i. Unity – we work together; our power lies in the collective strength of our community
    ii. Courage – we are bold and fearless; we dare to do things differently
    iii. Participation – we are an open member-led union; every member matters, every voice counts
    iv. Diversity – we respect each other and value our differences
    v. Creativity – we are inventive and resourceful and adapt to change; our work is serious, and we have fun doing it!
    vi. Solidarity – we stand together with other struggles that share our vision and values
  2. PLEDGES to put the above Vision, Mission and Values into practice, ensuring that they are accessible to and communicated with all members and that all UVW’s activities align with them.

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