Dignity and respect in care

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NOTES that throughout the pandemic, all care and support workers were deemed heroes, put their families and themselves at risk in order to deliver quality care for the infirm and vulnerable.

FURTHER NOTES that two-thirds of workers in the care sector receive below the Real Living Wage and inadequate sick leave, and as a result one in three workers are leaving the sector within the first year of employment.

STANDS IN SOLIDARITY with the care, maintenance, and domestic workers at Sage Nursing home in North London campaigning for respect and dignity in care work for all.

APPLAUDS their courage, bravery, and strength of conviction in taking strike action from the 20th-22nd of October.

ACKNOWLEDGES their fight is for all care and support workers demanding better conditions and dignity for workers, residents, patients, and their families.

RESOLVES to put these words into action by

  1. Writing to the Nursing home trustees here >>
  2. Supporting them on the picket by signing up here >>
  3. Donating to the strike fund here >>

Or via

Re: Sage Strike

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