Workshop: Brexit and You!

13 Oct
, 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Rights of EU and non-EU nationals after Brexit

UVW, in conjunction with New Europeans and the Law Centre Network will be delivering a workshop titled “Brexit and You”:

The following points will be covered in a 30 minute presentation, which will be followed by an hour long Q&A.

What will the situation be for EU nationals in the UK after Brexit?
What is ‘Settled Status’? What is ‘pre-settled status’?
Who qualifies?
How do I apply?
What will I need for the application? What evidence will be accepted?
Key dates
What if I have criminal convictions?
Info for non-EU partners of EU citizens
Info for those without a NI number

This is open to UVW members only.



9.30 -12.00


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