External Organiser Training

5 Aug
, 7 PM – 8PM

We are offering training to UVW members to learn the UVW organising model and become a part of a cadre of organisers who will build teams to help workers take winning action.

The training is intensive, focused and will require your time, dedication and staying power, and you must be available (online) on the following dates:

Wednesday 5 August 7pm-8pm: Pre-training meeting (introductions, accountability and expectations overview)

Saturday 15th August 10am-2pm

Sunday 16th August 10am-2pm

Spaces are limited, so if your place is not confirmed by Friday 31st July please do not be disheartened. We’re aiming to build a rolling programme and will be in touch with other opportunities.

Sign up here:


Work to live: building power in your workplace and your neighbourhood

UVW weekly Spanish classes via Zoom Restarting April 6

Sign up for beginner, intermediate or advanced Spanish classes with UVW. Classes are open to members only and will run for 10 weeks beginning April 6th. Don't miss out!


6:30 – 7;30 PM

We are now offering yoga classes to all UVW members!

UVW is now offering online yoga classes to all UVW members! Classes will take place in English every Thursday from 6:30 - 7: 30pm sign up by emailing


5pm – 6pm

English Class

We run a weekly group online English class for our members who want to improve their English listening, reading, and speaking skills in a fun and relaxed way.

13 March

10:30-12:00 PM

Get ready for your AGM!

If you have questions about the upcoming AGM join us for a "Democracy in action" workshop on 13 March 10.30am - 12.00pm

3 February


DCW Monthly Meeting

Monthly open meeting for current and prospective members of UVW Designer + Cultural Workers branch. We will split into sector-specific Chapels for focused discussion, and agree actions as a whole group. This month's focus: DCW in 2021!


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