Trade Union Rep Training

9 Sept
, 6 PM – 8 PM

UVW is running a 2 part trade union rep training course taking place from 6pm-8pm on Wed 9th Sept for part 1 & Wed 16th Sept for part 2.

You can sign up here:

Being a good trade union rep is about so much more than just knowing the law. In fact, it often has very little to do with the law. That’s why these sessions will focus on the strategies behind representing workers based on years of experience, and whilst nothing but your own experience can fully arm you with all the ammunition you need in order to be able to offer workers the best possible support at work, these sessions will hopefully help you get started.

Some of the questions we will be covering over the 2 sessions of the rep training include:

1) Why do workers need a rep?
2) When can workers be represented?
3) What if there is no rep available?
4) Who can represent workers?
5) What can and can’t reps do and say?
6) What should and shouldn’t reps do and say?
7) Should you choose an informal or a formal approach?
8) Should you pursue an individual or a collective approach?
9) How can you manage expectations?
10) What can you do if:
– The worker is guilty?
– There is no evidence either way?
– The worker lies to you?
– The employer is being malicious?
– Two members summit grievances against each other?
– No laws have been broken?
11) When should you start legal proceedings?
12) What are some good tips and tricks when representing workers in grievance and disciplinary hearings?
13) Can cases lead to campaigns?

There will be plenty of opportunities for Q&As.


Saturday 18 December


Harrods restaurant workers pre-strike PROTEST

Harrods pays its restaurant workers poverty wages, often over 20% below even the London Living Wage of £11.05 per hour which itself is not a huge wage. The waiters and chefs at Harrods have had enough and are now demanding £12 an hour.


5pm – 6pm

English Class

We run a weekly group online English class for our members who want to improve their English listening, reading, and speaking skills in a fun and relaxed way.

Tuesday 7 December


Rally: Support GOSH security guards’ strike for equality!

The workers voted unanimously to strike and are demanding full NHS benefits including basic things like sick pay, annual leave, overtime pay. Join the rally on 7 December. 


6:30 – 7;30 PM

We are now offering yoga classes to all UVW members!

UVW is now offering online yoga classes to all UVW members! Classes will take place in English every Thursday from 6:30 - 7: 30pm sign up by emailing

22 April



UVW is part of a coalition of trade unions, organisations and activists fighting back against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.


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