Mass consultation motion 2: Fighting forward

  1. RECOGNISING the views UVW members expressed in the mass consultation of 2020;
  1. CONSIDERING that members value UVW’s workplace campaigning, and want the union to develop it by:
    a) further strengthening workplace campaigning and member-led direct actions;
    b) getting more strategic about where and when we campaign, for maximum impact;
    c) campaigning on sector-specific or cross-sectoral issues;
    d) achieving trade union recognition and collective bargaining agreements with employers;
    e) strengthening UVW’s public profile;
  1. RECOGNISING the need to ensure members are actively engaged in UVW and are well-informed about unions, how we work and members’ role in the union, as well as their rights at work;
  1. CONSIDERING members’ strong desire for UVW to strengthen education and training for members, activists and staff;
  1. RECOGNISING that UVW is growing fast, and becoming more diverse and needs to ensure:
    a. growth does not undermine its grassroots ethos; 
    b. it retains sectoral expertise;
    c. it is inclusive, participatory and cultivates connections across the membership;
    d. members continue to feel supported and empowered;
  1. ACKNOWLEDGING that members want to see UVW strive for the highest standards, particularly around:
    a. handling members’ queries and cases;
    b. clear communications; 
    c. running meetings and events;
  1. AGREES that over the next two years, the union will aim to:

    a) achieve concrete and lasting improvements for members, through powerful and dynamic workplace campaigns and strengthen its capacity, including: 
    i. growing a network of workplace organisers, reps and activists;
    ii. employing diverse tactics, including strikes and other forms of collective action;
    iii. encouraging workplace activism;
    iv. creating spaces for member-to-member contact (online and offline);
    v. providing opportunities for members across the union to share and learn from each other;
    vi. collaborating with people and groups that share our goals and values;
    b) achieve trade union recognition and collective bargaining agreements in as many workplaces as possible; 
    c) undertake a campaign on a sector-specific or cross-sectoral issue;
  2. COMMITS to developing and improving its education and training for members, activists and staff, including focus on: 
    a. induction for new members; 
    b. employment and other rights, organising and campaigning, trade union and political education, diversity and intercultural understanding; 
    c. English for speakers of other languages (ESOL);
    d. exploring different ways of delivering training (e.g. online methods, getting members and activists to train each other);
  1. PLEDGES to further strengthen its communications, including: 
    a. developing a welcome pack for new members, FAQs and other materials;
    b. further developing the new website, to be as useful as possible for members;
    c. expanding the use of existing tools and channels (e.g. social media, email newsletters) to ensure members are kept up to date;
    d. ensuring effective 2-way communications with members;
    e. publicising UVW victories, using a workers first approach;
  1. COMMITS to strive for the highest standards, particularly around the way UVW handles members’ queries and cases, to ensure they are handled efficiently and professionally, that members understand the processes, and staff have adequate training and support;
  1. RESOLVES to develop a language strategy, to remove barriers to access for non-native English speakers and ensure they can participate fully in the union;
  1. AGREES to monitor membership – size, demographic, joiners, leavers – and to ensure that the union can adapt to their changing needs, including:
    a. ensuring membership database is kept up to date;
    b. providing regular updates on membership trends to the committee, so that changes in membership can inform their decisions;
    c. ensuring sectors and workplace reps can access relevant membership information;
    d. seeking regular feedback from members;
    e. carrying out a committee review of UVW membership fees, which should include a review of current rates and a consideration of different higher and lower levels.


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