Solidarity With DFE cleaners

This Branch:

NOTES that the cleaners who are majority women and all migrant workers, working at the Department for Education (DfE) are employed under an outsourcing agreement by ISS.

FURTHER NOTES that ISS, a Danish multinational facilities management corporation, makes billions in revenue every year.

CONDEMNS the practice of outsourcing – a system that generates ever greater profits for the contractor while treating ethnic minority and migrant workers as second-class workers.

BELIEVES facilities workers at DfE have the same right as any other workers, to be treated with the same dignity, and offered equivalent terms and conditions to other workers in their building/ workplace, regardless of whether they are outsourced to a private contractor or not.

STANDS IN SOLIDARITY with the DfE cleaners, members of United Voice of the World union, who have worked for decades at the DfE, call for parity with DfE civil servants, a backdated pay rise and an end to understaffing;

ACKNOWLEDGES the cleaners fight is part of our broader fight against privatisation in public services and a win for the UVW members is a victory for our whole movement.

APPLAUDS the cleaner’s courage, bravery, and strength of conviction for voting to take strike action on 11 & 12 June.

RESOLVES to support the cleaner with action not words by:

DONATING £250 (or whatever we can afford) to the workers’ strike fund by donating to:

Sort Code: 08-92-99                                                 
Account number: 65755617
or here >>

JOINING THE PICKET LINE at the Sanctuary Buildings on 11 and 12 June.

JOINING THE ACTION GROUP and sharing updates on the dispute with all activists and members >>


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