Support the GOSH security guards: Draft motion for branches/CLPs

This branch/CLP notes:

  1. National Health Service (NHS) security guards at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) do not have the same terms and conditions as other NHS staff.
  2. The security guards at GOSH are nearly all Black or brown migrants who are being denied the same terms & conditions as their NHS colleagues.
  3. These workers are the only workers on site at GOSH who are being denied full pay sick pay during the global coronavirus pandemic.
  4. The security guards at GOSH are outsourced through Carlisle Support Services, a private contractor owned by the Conservative Party donor Lord Ashcroft.


  1. Our NHS is a public service paid for from taxes and should not be used to funnel profits into the pockets of wealthy Conservative Party donors.
  2. A two-tier system of terms and conditions within the NHS, where mostly Black or brown migrants are given worse terms and conditions, is an example of structural racism.
  3. We fight racism with solidarity.


  1. To issue a public expression of solidarity with the security guards at GOSH.
  2. To donate £500 to the GOSH security guards strike fund.
  3. Advertise all actions supporting these workers to members of the branch/CLP.


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