Workers’ mass consultation

Use your voice - UVW members decide how we grow and move forward!

UPDATE: The views gathered through this historic consultation have been turned into mass member motions that will go to the AGM on 27 March 2021.

A historic moment for organised labour is unfolding.

Never before have we seen such rapid growth in precarious or insecure work – where workers are pitted against each other, bullied and discriminated against, paid poverty wages and can lose their jobs at short notice. At the same time, the Coronavirus pandemic has seen workers on the front-line, in high-risk jobs, disproportionately impacted. UVW members are paying for this global pandemic, and the bosses’ race to the bottom, with their lives.

But there is hope! We are responding by doing what we do best, by organising, by becoming stronger, by defending and fighting back together as a community and as a union; workers are recognising the power of direct and collective action and are joining the UVW in their hundreds.

UVW members, your voice will shape how we grow!

Be part of this historic moment, build a workers’ movement that brings together all migrant workers and those in low paid and precarious employment, build a movement that keeps winning rights, equality, dignity, and respect at work.

Get involved, have your say via our survey, our workshops and online discussions, or get in touch about 1 to 1 conversations.


Who else is involved?
UVW members come first, your voices come first. We will also talk to other people whose views will be useful, including Executive Committee members, caseworkers and other staff, former members, the Solidarity Network supporters, sister unions, and other organisations.

What happens at the end of the consultation?
Based on what you tell us, the consultation group will bring recommendations to the next Annual General Meeting later on this year for members to vote on.  

Where will the consultation take place and how?
There are different ways to get your views across, via an all member survey, (link here), online consultations by workplace, sector and via 1 to 1’s phone calls.



We will hold a series of online workshops to give you a chance to come together, share your views and put forward your ideas. You only need to attend one.


At certain workplaces we will organise discussions so you can put forward your views about the union, How it works at the moment and how you see it developing in the future.


If you want more information, or you have any specific questions, or would like to Have your say over the phone, contact us at:



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