Day 7 of an indefinite Strike

Day 7 of the all out strike at 100 Wood Street. 
Hundreds of leaflets handed out today, as in previous days, and the tenants of the building are clearly ashamed and embarrassed of both CBRE and the cleaning company Thames Celaning & Support Services Ltd. who are refusing to pay a living wage to the cleaners and have tried to make savings on the backs of the lowest paid workers in the building by reducing the number of cleaning hours per day from 56.5 hours to 34 hours. In other words they are trying to provide the same cleaning service in 22.5 hours less work per day which has resulted in 4 unlawful dismissals and a big increase in workload of those cleaners that remain. 

We will be back on the picket line tomorrow morning and every day indefinitely until the unalwffuly sacked cleaners are reinstated and all of them get at least the London Living Wage.