Fantastic Protest at 100 Wood Street FOR a living wage & AGAINST job cuts.

Great demo last night at 100 Wood Street and CBRE's offices at St Paul's demanding the living wage and the reinstatement of the unlawfully sacked cleaners who are members of UVW and on their 3rd week of indefinite strike action. The City of London is waking up to disgraceful employment pactices of CBRE and their anti-union, anti-living wage cleaning contractor Thames Cleaning and Support Service Ltd. 

We also visited the offices of the Fortune 500 commercial real estate company CBRE who manages 100 Wood Street and awarded the contract to Thames and is actively supporting and/or instructing Thames to carry on with their vile employment practices. 

We were joined by employees of the corporate tenants at 100 wood Street who are becoming increasingly supportive of the cleaners and increasingly disgusted with Thames and CBRE's treatment of the cleaners.

We were supported by amazing people from NUJ, PCS, Unite the Resistance, NSSN, SP, IWW, SWP and Class War. 

We'll be back soon!