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10.05.2015 / News /

BREAKING NEWS: UVW Wins London Living Wage again!

Our trade union members who work for MITIE at Prudential recently submitted a collective grievance against excessive workloads, discrimination and abuse. We also submitted a collective demand for the London Living Wage and proper sick pay. MITIE has already announced that they will pay the LLW of £9.15 per hour! Now we will continue our fight for sick pay, dignity and respect. MITIE has tried to ignore the collective grievance and has sent in several HR bosses to try and talk to the group without their representative present. We will not tolerate this and we will fight to the bitter end!



15.10.2021 /

UVW members declare victory as GOSH commit to full equality


UVW members paint dire picture of working conditions as UK cleaner shortages mount

07.10.2021 /

“All key workers deserve decent work and a living wage” – carers in North London declare strike action

01.10.2021 /

CEO at UK’s largest domestic abuse charity resigns amid allegations of institutional racism

14.09.2021 /

Cleaners ballot to strike in ongoing dispute for equal work rights

22.07.2021 /



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