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18.02.2016 / News /

Breaking News: “LSE 3” Reinstated

The LSE 3, who were sacked last November by the contractor Noonan, have just been reinstated with immediate effect following an amazing campaign co-ordinated between the cleaners union UVW and LSE students and staff.

This is the first time Noonan has overturned the decision of an appeal and shows (for those doubters) that there is still strength in unity. There is nothing that cannot be achieved if we stand and fight together.

This is a huge victory!

Now let’s demand the cleaners are stopped treated like second class workers and are brought in house. Outsourcing is a disgusting practice that only exists to strip workers of good terms and conditions of employment and basic employment rights

Earney, one of the LSE 3 says: “thanks to my union leader Petros and the students and staff who campaigned for our reinstatement at the LSE campus. I hope that my colleagues will now also join my union so we can fight for justice, not just for the LSE 3 but for everyone.”

Kingsley, another of the LSE 3 says: “Fantastic!”

Henry, the third of the LSE 3: “I am very happy with my union and it just shows what we can achieve if we fight together. Thank you everybody for your support.”

Onwards and upwards!


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