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14.06.2016 / News /

The courageous striker

Meet Kelly, one of the courageous cleaners on her first and all out strike at 100 Wood Street where she’s demanding a living age and the reinstatement of her unlawfully sacked colleagues. In response to the prospect of a strike her employer Thames Cleaning, rather than negotiating, spent over £20,000 in the high court to try and stop it. They failed and now she is on all out strike. 

If you can please donate to her and her colleagues strike fund and UVW’s emergency appeal here:


09.04.2024 /

Cleaners descend on The Dorchester Hotel over the sacking of Peruvian cloak room attendant 

28.03.2024 / /

Cleaners continue their epic battle against historic racial discriminatory outsourcing at Great Ormond Street Hospital in legal appeal

28.03.2024 / /

Cleaners at the Department for Education launch second strike ballot over equality

28.03.2024 /

United we are strong!

27.03.2024 /

Choose kindness over ruthlessness

26.03.2024 /

Outsourced migrant cleaner sacked for trying to do her job well


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