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30.06.2020 / News /

United Voices of the World stands in solidarity with Goldsmiths UCU and the 472

United Voices of the World stands in solidarity with Goldsmiths UCU and the 472 academics and graduate trainee tutors currently facing redundancy.

The decision to deny these workers continued access to the furlough scheme and to make them redundant in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic and recession is utterly callous. It is also a disgraceful attack upon BAME workers who make up 75% of those facing redundancy. If Goldsmiths management are truly concerned with advancing racial equality within the university, as they claim to be, then they must cancel all redundancies. And if they want to save some money then they should start by reducing the over bloated pay of its senior management. United Voices of the World stands ready to support Goldsmiths UCU in any way possible.





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