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08.06.2020 / News /

Update: 2-month extension of eviction ban

The government has announced a 2-month extension to the eviction ban. This means that tenants in rent arrears as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic cannot have eviction proceedings brought against them until the 1st of September. The extension of the ban also means that renters who were already facing eviction proceedings will not face further legal action until the 1st of September.

But it is also important to be clear about what the eviction ban does not do; the eviction ban does not suspend rent payments or amount to a rent forgiveness scheme. Landlords and the government continue to expect renters to pay rent and to come to an agreement with their landlords so as to pay back rent debt.

United Voices of the World (UVW) will continue to make the case that rent payments should be suspended and rent forgiven so as to avoid a homelessness crisis post-pandemic. UVW will also update all members on any further changes as they are announced.



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