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23.07.2020 / News /

United Voices of the World fires the starting pistol on a furlough fightback!

On the 31st of October, the furlough scheme which has helped some nine million workers pay their bills and rent will come to an end.

Many businesses will go under and many workers will find themselves without work while others find themselves on the receiving end of an attack led by employers – aided and abetted by this Conservative government – who will attempt to slash wages, cut corners on health and safety, and intensify workloads.

Workers have to be ready and prepared to push back – in other words they have to be organised!

And it is United Voices of the World (UVW) who will pave the way for this worker led, bottom up, furlough fight back, by rolling out intensive organiser training, research training, workplace rep training, and employment law workshops over the next 3 months for UVW and UVW Solidarity Network members.

To prepare the ground in our fight for equality, dignity, and respect in the workplace, UVW will be equipping dedicated members and activists with the tools, knowledge, and power to assist workers in taking action.

Being part of a UVW organising unit!

UVW members and UVW Solidarity Network members who have previously expressed an interest in organiser training will be sent an email outlining the times and dates for organiser training.

The training will take place over 2 days and is not for the fainthearted!

During the training UVW members and Solidarity Network members will learn the unique organising strategies and methodologies deployed by UVW which has seen the union win victory after victory, and smash outsourcing both in higher education, the NHS, and in the process redistribute a whopping £20 million back into the pockets low-paid, precarious, and migrant workers over the past six years!

So if you want to become a member of the UVW organising unit click here!

Becoming a UVW researcher!

As UVW has gone from strength to strength we have learnt how to identify a boss’s Achilles heel and how to hit them where it hurts!

UVW members and Solidarity Network members who have previously expressed an interest in research training will be sent an email outlining the time and date for research training.

The training will see members equipped with the knowledge and skills to pinpoint an employers’ weaknesses and to use that research as a means to assist workers in leveraging their power against the bosses.

So if you want to become a UVW researcher click here!

Workplace rep training – supporting your colleagues in the workplace!

UVW recognises that our members are the lifeblood of the union and that the best weapon workers have is each other.

Which is why UVW will roll out a 3-day workplace rep training programme giving members the power and knowledge to support their colleagues at work by representing them in grievance hearings, disciplinary hearings, appeal hearings, and much more.

So if you want to become a UVW workplace rep click here!

Know your rights!

The law may be stacked against workers, but it is crucial that all workers are aware of their rights, especially as we enter into an unprecedented recession, which is why from October onwards UVW will be rolling out “Know Your Rights!” workshops.

The workshops will be held every 3 weeks in English and Spanish and will cover key issues, such as employment law, housing, and benefits.

Getting involved in the future

These trainings will form part of a rolling program and there will be plenty of other opportunities for you to get involved in the future if you currently can’t take part – so watch this space!


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