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31.03.2021 / News /

UVW is hiring: 1 X Employment Law Caseworker

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new full time (5-days a week) Employment Law Caseworker vacancy.

The role will involve: 

  • Advising members on the merits of their case. 
  • Drafting Particulars of Claim and submitting ET1s. 
  • Drafting witness statements. 
  • Representing workers in the employment tribunal at preliminary and final hearings. 
  • Negotiating settlements. 


  • Personal interest in workers’ rights, trade union and social justice 
  • Strong computer and research skills. 
  • Strong case management skills. 
  • Strong knowledge of employment law and the employment tribunal system (for the employment tribunal caseworker role only) 


  • Good level of Spanish and/or Portuguese. 

Interested applicants should send their CV and cover letter (no more than 2 pages) to by 18th April 2021. 

Please specify in the subject and body of the e-mail that you are applying for the employment tribunal caseworker role. 

**Start date 26th April 2021**

You pay will be at the UVW flat rate of £11.85 per hour. Other terms and conditions include full pay sick pay, full pay maternity and paternity pay, and 6 weeks annual leave. 


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