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27.10.2022 / News /

UVW member wins huge £217,500 compensation for debilitating work accident 

“This is a reminder to all members in UVW that we are here for you and we’ll support you to get justice by any means possible.”

Petros Elia, UVW General secretary

A UVW member who fell and hurt his elbow whilst doing engineering maintenance work in a hotel swimming pool has been awarded £217,500 in compensation after a bitter five-year battle in the courts. This is a huge amount compared to other types of personal injury claims, reflecting the seriousness of his case. UVW is pleased to have helped him achieve this life-transforming payout.

Our member had developed complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) from working as a maintenance engineer at a major international hotel in central London. CRPS is a chronic condition which is extremely debilitating both physically and psychologically but difficult to diagnose. He was unable to work for a long time and eventually had to leave London to live with his family abroad. The settlement is helping him and his family with a fresh start. 

However, when he sought legal advice, a reputable law firm rejected his case classifying it as a small, low-value claim. Unhappy with that assessment, our member came to UVW for a second opinion. The union supported him and put him in touch with a specialist lawyer in complex chronic pain, Kevin Digby.   

Celebrating the win, Petros Elia, general secretary of UVW, said: “The law is seldom a friend of the worker. The personal injury law can sometimes be an exception and this is such a case in point. Even though he suffered hugely at the employers’ dangerous failings, he’s won an amount of money that hopefully will change his life for the better now and allow him to fully recover and live life to the fullest extent possible. This is a reminder to all members in UVW that we are here for you and we’ll support you to get justice by any means possible.”


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