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Join the strike wave at the UVW Striker’s Assembly in April

United Voices of the World (UVW) union is inviting members and supporters to participate in a Striker’s Assembly on Saturday 15 April. UVW is set to ballot 16 workplaces simultaneously, across 9 different employers, to take part in coordinated strike action this summer.

Workplaces where UVW members will take part in the mass coordinated strike include Amazon warehouses, Mercedes showrooms, the London School of Economics, the Department for Education, a prestigious south London private school, Sage Nursing Home, luxury flats and major office blocks. This is set to be UVW’s largest strike yet.

UWV organiser team coordinator Matt Collins, said: “We’re really excited that we have members across 16 different workplaces gearing up and getting ready to take coordinated strike action for the pay respect in terms and conditions that they deserve. That includes care workers, cleaners, concierge and maintenance workers among others.”

The assembly, which will take place at the UVW office in Bethnal Green, will see UVW workplace representatives from these workplaces gather to plan their strikes, along with seasoned UVW strike leaders who will share their experiences of what it takes to fight and win.

UVW executive committee member for the legal sector, Katie Nelson, said: “Whichever sector you belong to in UVW I encourage you to come along to learn from the strike leaders about how you can take those organising skills into your workplace and also how we can offer solidarity to those workers during their struggle and their fight.”

The union is asking other members and supporters to attend the assembly so they can learn from UVW’s past struggles and how they can support new ones. If you are interested in joining the strike wave can contact to get your workplace organised.

At the assembly, the attendees will plan the actions they will take to support the coordinated strikes and campaigns. Attendees will learn how to organise their workplace and fight for proper pay and conditions. The event will conclude with a barbecue and social.

UVW’s migrant and low-paid members keep both public and private sectors running. Hospitals, universities, restaurants, warehouses, nursing or even private homes – to name just a few – wouldn’t be able to operate without our members working hard to keep them clean, safe or operating round the clock.

They contribute to the economy and allow other workers to do the same. But migrant workers, who make up 18 percent of the employed population, are more likely to work shifts, particularly night shifts, to be in non-permanent jobs and to be in jobs for which they are overqualified, while on minimum pay and dismal conditions. They deserve better.

UVW is fighting for dignity, equality, and respect at work. By organising these coordinated strikes we hope to build workers’ power. Workers interested in joining the strike wave and learning how to organise their workplace should attend the UVW Striker’s Assembly.

Register now for the UVW Strikers’ Assembly to collectively build workers’ power. ✊🏽



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