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16.11.2023 / News /

Organise your UVW workplace or sector!

This month a diverse group of UVW members who work across different workplaces got together.  They discussed community building and strategies on how to tackle our workplace problems together!

We want to see as many workplaces and sectors in UVW as organised as possible. So if you and your colleague or other members from your sector (e.g legal, charity, hospitality, design and culture, care, security etc.) want to get together and talk union power, fill out this form 👇🏽 so we can support you with all the knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated over the past 10 years of fighting and winning!

Get a sense of what the last meeting of the Spanish-speaking members, which took place on 11 November 2023, was about in the below video.



All I want for Christmas is a feminist world!


Brainstorming ideas for a UVW 10 year anniversary banner!

30.11.2023 / Worker's Story

Let’s live in a better world by Maria Tito, UVW member

29.11.2023 / Worker's Story

No English, no union, no fear: Julia’s story

29.11.2023 /

UVW member cleaners force LSE to backdate their ‘stolen’ holiday pay


UVW union launches legal action against UK fruit farm over exploitation of seasonal Latin American workers 


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