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Free Free Palestine! Art for resistance

“In UVW, we believe in the power of the Global South, we believe in the power of the working class and we are in absolute solidarity with the people of Palestine.”

Nelly Ospino, UVW member and Executive Committee rep for the Design and Culture Sector

On Thursday evening, UVW opened the Viva Palestina Libre Art Exhibition, curated by UVW members. A group of artists, the majority from the global South, exhibited prints, embroidery and paintings in an act of solidarity with the people of Palestine and to protest genocide and the illegal occupation of their land. 

It was an evening of talks, poetry and food, where Iraqi poet Zaydun Khalaf read his poems and activists joined in a drumming session with La Comba Women Drummers Collective.

UVW member and representative for the Design and Culture Sector on the Executive Committee Nelly Ospino opened with words about the importance of events like this “to raise the voices of people on the front line and to build more and wider webs of resistance and solidarity.”

UVW is a trade union whose roots lie in anti-colonialist and anti-racist movements who have a rich history of resistance through political art. 

After the event, Iraqi poet Zaydun Khalaf said: “As an artist, poet, and someone who strives for justice, I had to attend. Poetry is a powerful tool for expressing emotions and building solidarity, which is why I was eager to be there. The event provided a safe space to call attention to the genocide in Gaza and the need for justice. It was an honor to feature my poetry during the program. The heartwarming welcome I received will be etched in my memory and will hopefully be a driving force for me to promote harmony and affection and amplify the voices of those fighting for their rights.”

The artworks are for sale and proceedings will go to aid Gaza.

Visit on exhibition days: Every Thursday in May (9, 16, 23, 30 May) from 5-7pm at Casa UVW gallery, 144 Cambridge Heath Road, London E1 5QJ


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Free Free Palestine! Art for resistance

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