25.05.2023 / Press releases

Threat of strike action secures pay rise for cleaners at Mercedes Benz

22.05.2023 / Press releases

Amazon cleaners to lead coordinated strike action in NINE different workplaces

10.05.2023 / Press releases

Condé Nast cleaners win 11% pay rise after strike threat

09.05.2023 / Press releases

Amazon cleaners one step closer to historic union recognition win

26.04.2023 / Press releases

International Workers’ Day to see mass strike ballots open for cleaners, carers and concierges

17.04.2023 / Press releases /

Tribunal refuses government’s request to intervene alongside Royal Parks in legal appeal against UVW’s race discrimination victory.

01.03.2023 / Press releases /

GOSH cleaners confront hospital in ground-breaking court case over years of “institutional racism”

09.12.2022 / Press releases /

Migrant cleaners at Mercedes-Benz showroom to ballot for strike action over poverty wages

08.12.2022 / Press releases /

Charity workers in Birmingham to strike in December

07.12.2022 / Press releases /

“We are going to fight again, for what is right.” Care home workers set to strike in the new year due to Cost of Living crisis

08.11.2022 / Press releases

Save ASIRT: Asylum seeker legal support charity threatened with closure


18.10.2022 / Press releases /

Domestic and sexual abuse charity counsellors are workers, rules judge in ‘gig economy’ blow


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