Charity sector

Our sector fights for the rights of frontline charity workers and those in grassroots campaigning organisations. We are overworked and undervalued and it’s time for change in the charity sector.


We represent frontline charity workers and those in grassroots campaigning organisations. Our members work in service delivery and campaigning organisations on issues ranging from gender-based violance, mental health, homelessness, housing, environmental justice, refugees, child services, women’s rights, torture and gender.


  • An end to bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • An end to overwork and insecure contracts
  • Better pay and terms and conditions

We are a new UVW sector, and are still in the process of deciding what we would like to prioritise in our campaigns. If you are a charity worker, join today and help us shape our fight.


The UK charity sector is cleaning up the mess of successive government rollbacks to social services and welfare. As a result, charity workers are overworked and undervalued while at the same time pressured to keep up with increasing demand to sustain government contracts and workloads. And, often management in charities take advantage of the good will and dedication of their workers by constantly asking for more while operating on shoestring budgets.

Charity workers accept bullying, burnout and un-paid overtime as part of the job. But it doesn’t have to be like this. We can band together and ask for more from employers, we can ask to be heard, to be treated fairly and create healthy working environments.
It’s time for change in the charity sector.


We are a newly formed members led sector. We represent workers when disputes arise and we collectively negotiate with boards and management to fight for better conditions and pay.

We are creating a community of charity workers to come together and discuss the problems within the sector and the changes we would like to see in the workplace. If you are a frontline charity worker or work in a grassroots campaigning organisation – get it in touch!




If you work in the charity sector and recognise these injustices in your organisation, join today.



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