Legal Sector Workers United (LSWU) is part of UVW. We organise workers in the legal sector, for the benefit and protection of the less privileged.

Workplaces in the legal sector are rife with exploitation, inequality and various forms of oppression. Whether or not you are legally qualified, as a worker in our sector you will be familiar with gender pay gaps, racialised divisions of labour, inequality of wealth and income, and high levels of economic exploitation. LSWU exists to combat these and other problems.

LSWU will play an important role in enabling the profession to speak with one voice. This is especially important when we negotiate with the government over contentious issues like legal aid and the Jackson reforms. Just like in any other workplace, workers in our sector should have a degree of control over the legal outcomes we produce.

Junior legal workers are subject to enormous pressure from multiple sources. Too often this results in high workloads, low salaries and inadequate support.

Strategic action is required to reduce exploitation and oppression. Past attempts to oppose legal aid cuts have encountered the problem of disunity between barristers and solicitors. And non-legally-qualified workers in our sector rarely — if ever — have a seat at the table when working conditions come to be discussed. A single union for the whole sector will help us overcome these tactical obstacles.

Our sector is in dire need of greater unity. While outsiders often view the legal sector as being full of fat-cat lawyers, those on the inside know that many of us live and work extremely long hours in stressful conditions, often for less then the Living Wage. LSWU was formed to organise all workers in the legal sector, including clerks, security staff, solicitors and barristers, paralegals, ushers, judges, solicitor-advocates and cleaners.

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We are accepting donations to spread the message throughout the legal industry.

Membership of UVW will include affiliation to LSWU if any connection to the legal industry is indicated during sign-up, or communicated to UVW thereafter. This is the only way to join LSWU. Standard UVW membership fees apply.

“This initiative is long overdue. I was involved in an earlier effort in the 1970s which was far less ambitious and did not survive. This has the advantage of a far wider constituency of workers who are constantly at risk of exploitation and marginalisation despite their critical role. As Shelley put it, strength in numbers!”

Michael Mansfield QC and John Hendy QC support the creation of the LSWU

“I support the unionisation of all workers in all sectors. The inequalities in income and in terms and conditions in the legal world are notorious and I therefore support the initiative to form Legal Sector Workers United under the banner of United Voices of the World. I wish them luck.”