Owen Jones pulls out of LSE event in support of Cleaners

Owen Jones has canceled an event at the LSE in order not to cross the Cleaners' picket.

He says, in respect of UVW's cleaners strike at the LSE which has already led to some significant though unsatsifacotry concessions and WILL lead to victory: "that these cleaners have stood up for themselves – in the face of such hostility – is courageous, and an inspiring precedent for other workers in low-paid, insecure Britain. They’ve come from a variety of different countries; some have only worked at LSE for a few months. But they have organised, and thrown themselves into a determined struggle that now has the university authorities on the run....

... If there is no apparent collective means available to overcome injustice, then inevitably we become resigned. But if some marginalised, hitherto voiceless cleaners can put one of the world’s most prestigious universities on the backfoot, they set an example to others."

Read the whole artice here: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/may/25/lse-striking-cleaners-outsourced-university-injustice?CMP=share_btn_tw