Justice for Teresa

The Dorchester sacked Teresa, a cloakroom attendant for failing to replenish a soap dispenser and pick up carpet fluff with a lint roll. The hotel said they dismissed her due to the seriousness of the alleged offences. UVW union believes leniency is seldom afforded to Black, brown or migrant workers, with the threat of dismissal constantly hanging over them.

Teresa tells her story

“I want everyone to know that us – the migrant cleaners – deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Teresa Calixto, sacked cloakroom attendant and UVW member

The prestigious central London hotel charges £121.00 for tea and  £816 per night for five-star service which is delivered to exacting standards by cleaners and cloakroom attendants like Teresa. Despite its extraordinary prices, workers like Teresa are paid poverty wages, way below the London Living Wage.

Teresa is bringing legal proceedings against The Dorchester for unfair dismissal. On 6 April UVW members, migrant cleaners, and Teresa staged a protest that turned nasty.


This Saturday, 6 April, migrant workers marched into The Dorchester, chanting “Justicia, Justicia” and demanding to see the person in charge. This is what happened. #Justiceforteresa

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To be reinstated in her job

Her disciplinary record to be cleared


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