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30.11.2023 / News / Worker's Story /

Let’s live in a better world by Maria Tito, UVW member

Greetings to all members of the United Voices of the World union (UVW)

I have been a member of UVW for about 6 years.

I learned about this union from my daughter who is a member and I decided to join, also I believe that every worker should have a workplace representative.

I raised a grievance over verbal abuse by a supervisor and UVW immediately delegated a union representative to me.

It is important for me to raise my voice because I believe that all people deserve respect and consideration regardless of race, skin color or sexuality.

UVW fights for the rights of all workers, so when I filed my grievance of verbal and psychological abuse, I received support from the excellent professionals at the union.

After a long period and an intense struggle we were able to win the battle with great success.

To the members of UVW, I urge you not to give up and to always DENOUNCE workplace harassment. Together we will stop this evil that takes over all those who abuse their position of power and use it against the workers.

Let no one intimidate us and let us always demand our rights. 

My motto is ZERO TOLERANCE and let’s live in a better world.



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