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UVW women lead from the front

“You brought us back to the essence of why we, especially women, need to join a trade union.”

Denise Savage

This week trade union members from UNISON, UNITE and the Prison Officers Association were introduced to United Voices of the World (UVW) union at an International Women’s day event organised by Lewes Labour Women’s Branch.

Some 30 participants heard about the energy, strength, commitment and fearlessness of the women and non-binary members that lead UVW and represent over 50% of the UVW membership, the elected executive committee and UVW staff. UVW is a union where women are the majority at every level. 

The story of Gabriela and the #Tunagate direct action helped UVW illustrate the discriminatory  practices of outsourcing companies, the barriers migrant women workers face to claim their rights and how direct and collective action gets results! 

We explained that once our members know their rights, they organise their colleagues and with their backing and the support from the UVW solidarity network they fight hard and win.

Susana Benavides, co-founder of UVW and member of the executive committee, said “It was beautiful to share with other trade unionists the experiences we have had as women fighters. Women must unite in the battle for equal rights at work and outside of work and we call on all women to join UVW in this struggle.”

The participants expressed an interest in having a closer links to UVW by joining the UVW solidarity network.

“You brought us back to the essence of why we, especially women, need to join a trade union,” said Denise Savage, the chair of Lewes Labour Women.

As a general workers union, our members hold up the key feminised sectors of the economy – cleaning, facilities, hospitality, design and culture as well as the legal and charity sectors. 

If you agree “a woman’s place is in her union” join us today >>

We encourage all women and UVW members to join us to celebrate International Women’s Day:

📍Friday 8th of March 2024 6.30pm
📍Soho Square, London


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