14.02.2022 / UVW TV /

GOSH strikers call on unionists to fight attempts to suppress their right to picket outside hospital


09.05.2022 / UVW TV /

With a spirit of triumph, former care worker, strike organiser and UVW member, faces her ex-employer in court  

03.05.2022 / UVW TV

We fight the bosses!

22.04.2022 / UVW TV

Security guards take their fight to Liverpool  to rally activists’ support 

31.03.2022 / UVW TV

The new minum wage is a poverty wage!

22.03.2022 / UVW TV /

The longest strike in NHS history #GOSHSTRIKE

11.03.2022 / UVW TV

UVW women take part in the London March on International Women’s Day 2022!


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